General Information Concerning Classes at POTC

POTC offers classes at all levels in agility and obedience, with classes in conformation handling and Rally as interest and time allows. All of the instructors are volunteer club members who have a sincere interest in their classes and helping you work with your dog, using positive training methods.

Your dog must be six months old to take part in Obedience Classes and ten months old to take Agility Classes. Puppy Classes are available for dogs three to six months old. You must provide us with the dog's current immunization record from your vet. It will be returned to you. All dogs and puppies in our basic classes must have had their rabies vaccine before they begin class.

Obedience Classes are held in eight week sessions (except Puppy Classes which are 6  weeks). Applications must be received by the 10th of the month preceding new classes or there may be a two-month wait. Remember that classes fill up weeks in advance. Unless other arrangements are made, you will be placed in the first class with an opening. When we receive your application and training fee, you will be sent a letter confirming which class you have been enrolled in.

In Basic Obedience the first week of class is orientation, and you will attend without your dog. For the rest of the class, both you and your dog will participate. Also note: Handlers must be at least 12 years old

Obedience classes are held on Thursday evenings.
Times can vary per 8 week sessions.

For information or questions concerning Obedience or Rally Classes, please contact the Director of Training for Obedience – Debbie Smith

Click to Download the BASIC OBEDIENCE CLASS Application - Please Complete & Mail

Click to Download the PUPPY CLASS Application - Please Complete & Mail

For information or questions concerning Agility Classes, please contact the  Agility Class Registrar 

Please submit the Agility Application ONLY if you have spoken to the registrar and/or you understand that Agility is not basic pet training.

Click to Download the BEGINNER AGILITY CLASS Application - Please Complete & Mail


Members fees for classes vary, depending upon the level of membership that you have – please contact the class instructor for costs of individual classes.

Non-member fees :

Basic and Advanced Obedience Classes - $80.00

Obedience Puppy Class – contact instructor

Agility Classes - $80.00 for first class, please contact class instructor for other class fees.

Conformation Classes – please contact class instructor

Parkersburg Obedience Training Club - sanctioned by the American Kennel Club

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