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American Kennel Club – covers obedience, rally, agility, and an abundance of other things

Info Dog – list of events by state and type

Front and Finish -  The Dog Trainers News

J & J Dog Supplies - The Ultimate destination for dog training equipment and supplies


Very nice description and explanations of Agility

AKC Agility Main Page

CPE - Canine Performance Events

USDAA – United States Dog Agility Association

NADAC  - North American Dog Agility Council 

ASCA Agility Page

Online calendar of Canine Agility Events from all sanctioning organizations.

LabTestedOnline - AKC agility events entry service.

CleanRun - everything for the agility dog


Wikipedia Article

AKC Obedience

Saint Bernard Archives – while this is a St.Bernard site, the “archives” is full of wonderful obedience, rally and agility information and articles

Dr.P’s Dog Training – a list of a million other sites for dog training, etc


Wikipedia article:

Wikipedia article:

Rally Obedience

Association of Pet Dog Trainers - Rally

Dog Owners Guide Magazine - Rally

Parkersburg Obedience Training Club - sanctioned by the American Kennel Club
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